Spending excessively on gambling, excessive monetary and temporal investment.

Struggling to manage or quit gambling, difficulty in control or cessation.

Having disputes over finances and gambling, arguments with family or friends.

Losing interest in usual activities, diminished enthusiasm for regular pursuits.

Constantly preoccupied with gambling, persistent thoughts of gambling.

Deceiving or hiding gambling activities, secrecy and deception regarding gambling.

Chasing wins to recover losses, pursuing wins to overcome financial setbacks.

Depleting funds through gambling, exhausting finances in gambling.

Sacrificing finances for gambling, borrowing, selling possessions, or neglecting bills.

Seeking higher stakes or longer durations for excitement, increasing bets or durations for desired thrill.

Neglecting important responsibilities, disregarding work, education, family, personal needs, or household duties.

Experiencing emotional distress, anxiety, worry, guilt, depression, or irritability associated with gambling.