• Self Exclusion

If you are concerned about your gambling habits and suspect the risk of developing or currently having a gambling problem, we strongly encourage you to consider utilizing the Self-Exclusion feature. Self-Exclusion allows you to restrict your access to gambling activities on IZIBET for a specific duration, ranging from 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 Years, or indefinitely.

If you feel the need to take a shorter break from betting and gaming activities, we provide also the option for a custom period.

If you choose to self-exclude, your account will be temporarily suspended, preventing you from participating in any betting or gaming activities. You will not be able to log in but you can request to withdraw any remaining balance in your account via LiveChat. Please note that reopening your account during the self-exclusion period is not possible, and our team will make every effort to detect and close any new accounts you may create.

To support your self-exclusion, we recommend removing IZIBET from your notifications, deleting or uninstalling all IZIBET apps and downloads, and blocking or unfollowing IZIBET social media accounts.

You may also consider utilizing software that blocks access to gambling websites, which can provide further assistance.

In order to address and manage your gambling problem effectively, we advise seeking support from a problem gambling support service. These services can offer valuable assistance and guidance throughout your journey.

  • You can self-exclude your account in the Healthy Play section in the Account Menu by choosing Self-Exclusion.

Are you curious to learn more about Self Exclusion? Take a moment to explore this vital practice that promotes responsible gambling and personal well-being. Self Exclusion is a voluntary program designed to help individuals limit their access to gambling activities and venues, ensuring a healthier relationship with gambling.